Crowdfunding Appeal


Help us to sustain our free and subsidised activities and popular events in 2024 

– and support volunteering in an inclusive, people-led community hub.


We believe Lordship Hub to be a  unique and valuable resource in our community.  The Hub is at the heart of our beautiful park, Lordship Rec, in the centre of Tottenham. Our aim, as a co-operative made up of local residents, is to bring our community together and by doing so, strengthen it. We believe people are better together. The Hub itself is a true example of what can be achieved when local people get together to make change in their community. The park and the Hub have now become a favourite destination with family facilities for all ages and interests that allow people to spend longer in the park and also to take part in a wide variety of classes, activities and community events.We need to raise £4,000 in pledges by June 24th. If we don’t reach the target you retain your pledged donations and we get nothing – but if we do hit £4,000 we are likely to get ‘match’ funding added to our tally. So please give generously!

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