About us

Lordship Hub was built in 2012 in the middle of Lordship Rec as part of a large regeneration project, part funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund along with match funding from the local council. It is a community run Co-operative that welcomes the involvement of local residents and aims to provide services needed and wanted in the area.

We now have eight part-time staff, over 50 volunteers and the rooms are hired out for classes, events and parties. We signed a 25-year lease with Haringey council in March 2019 and whilst we do not have to pay rent, the Hub has to fulfil certain obligations such as offering a free meeting space for park groups, toilet use for park users and engaging local volunteers. We don’t receive any statutory funding and running costs have to be covered either by the Café and Hire, Fundraising or Donations.

The way the Hub is run and its ethos mean that it is not just a building servicing park users, but it aims to go further by being a positive force for change in the area. Staff and volunteers make partnerships with other local organisations and residents to improve the park and run community events, activities and meetings that encourage the protection of the local environment, the general improvement of Tottenham for all its residents and engagement in cultural and social pursuits.

We are also a member of the HCCN – the Haringey Community Centres Network. For more information see here

Find out more about the team behind Lordship Hub, how it was built using the latest energy efficiency techniques as well as the history of the Hub.

If you want to read more about our policies or read the latest board minutes please click here.