Enjoy the Hub’s café, classes and events!

Volunteering at the Hub Café

We  need volunteers to help in the Café. Just one or two 4 hour shifts a week would be great. Please contact [email protected] or pop into the office Monday to Thursday 9-3pm. Thanks  for your support!

New Summer Café opening hours

During the school Summer holidays the Hub Cafe will be open from 10-8pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday to Thursday 11-5pm as usual.

New Classes

Ashtanga Yoga

Traditional Ashtanga yoga. An opportunity to develop your self-practice with a teacher who regularly studies in Ashtanga home Mysore, India

Yogasana Flow

New Yoga Class, every thursday, 09.30-10.30, see: Yogasana Flow – Open Level


Download the full July timetable

Click the session name to get pricing, booking and other information.

Saturday 21st July

09.00-10.00: Yoga Flow Open Level
09.00-10.00: Pilates Mat Class
10.10-11.40: Antenatal Yoga

Sunday 22nd July

10.00-11.00: Vinyasa Flow Yoga – all levels
11.00-12.00: Chi Kung
11.15-12.15: Slow Flow Yoga

Monday 23rd July

09.30-10.30: Yoga Flow Open Level
11.30-13.30: Watercolour Painting Class Drop-In
19.00-20.00: Capoeira for Adults

Tuesday 24th July

09.30-10.30: Awareness through Movement: Feldenkrais Method
10.30-12.30: Silver Fit
11.00-14.00: Parent/Carers & Toddler Group
12.30-13.30: Chair-based Exercise
13.00-14.00: Green Gardeners Gathering
14.00-16.00: Wildlife Group
19.00-20.00: Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Wednesday 25th July

19.00-20.00: Pilates Mat Class
19.30-21.00: Kundalini Yoga
19.30-22.00: Tottenham Photography Club

Thursday 26th July

09.30-10.30: Yogasana Flow – Open Level
11.00-14.00: Parent/Carers & Toddler Group
14.30-16.30: Mixed Media Art Session
19.00-20.00: Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Open Level

Friday 27th July

10.00-10.45: Fun Music Classes for Babies and Toddlers
11.45-12.30: African Barefoot Dance for Toddlers
19.00-20.00: Ashtanga Yoga



Artworks by Gina Mclennan. Watercolour, coloured pencils and felt tips. Wonderful flower and natural images. 



The HPrintub is run by and for the community and you can be a part of its success! Buy shares, be a volunteer, sign up to our activities (or organise your own), and generally just relax, eat and drink, meet people and enjoy the experience! 

The Hub

The Hub is run as a co-operative by and for the community. See below for details of how you can become a member and be a positive part of its continued success!

Become a member and have your say

As a member of the Hub Co-op you can vote on any decision the co-op makes, so you can affect the way Lordship Hub develops and grows. Contact: [email protected] if you wish to become a member. It costs £5.

Café opening hours – 11.00am-5.00pm every day 
(10-8pm on fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in Summer Holidays)

The café, next to the beautiful wildlife lake and playground, is staffed by local volunteers and our 3 dedicated Café Managers so come along, have a coffee, a meal or a snack and enjoy the park and all its wildlife.


Annie, Leona and Beth our Cafe managers, have plenty of skill and enthusiasm so our menu is a fantastic mix of healthy, kid-friendly and affordable food. We have daily salads and regular toasties with various fillings, pasta and freshly baked cakes.

We have tasty coffee with frothy milk if you like that sort of thing as well as various herbal and ordinary teas.

Come down for a cuppa and a chat and see if there is anything you want to get involved in. Bring your friends!


Find us

It’s the yellow building right in the middle of Lordship Rec, next to the playground, paddling pool, pond and bike track.

Postal address and free parking: Lordship Hub, Lordship Recreation Ground, Higham Road, London, N17 6NU

The nearest park entrance to the Hub is on Higham Road opposite Hastings Road. The W4 bus stops there if you ring the bell. The routes all the way from Higham Road, Lordship Lane and Broadwater Farm are well lit all night.

You can also take any bus along Lordship Lane (123, 243) and get off at Waltheof Avenue and follow the path through the park, over the river and you will see the Hub beyond the trees.

Vehicle entrance to the park is via Adams Road, N17 6HE (please call 020 8885 5684 if the gate is locked).