Meet the team

Dave Morris – Chair

To make sure the board does what it legally needs to do and to keep it on track strategically. To chair board meetings and be the official public face and contact of the board. To try to ensure all involved in the Hub are working together well in pursuit of our aims. Dave is also the representative for the Lordship Rec Users Forum on the Board.

David Selby – Treasurer

Working with our finance officer and accountant to keep the Co-op on track financially and to advise the board on financial issues in order to facilitate informed decision making.

Sue Jameson – Secretary

To take minutes of meetings.

Issy Harvey – Membership Co-Ordinator

Encouraging community involvement in, and the administration of, our Co-Op membership. Issy is also leading on how we can get a better match between our constitutional/legal structures and our core ethos and activities.

Sandra Sutherland – Personnel

To liaise with staff to maintain their legal contracts, conduct appraisals and ensure their welfare.

Nefertiti Marriot – Youth and Diversity

To promote diversity within all aspects of the Hub’s business, operations and activities.

Ruth Keeling – Social Media Representative

To take the main lead in ensuring the Hub is utilising a range of media to effectively promote the venue, its activities and its ethos.

Joan Curtis – Strategic Volunteer for Fundraising and Promotion

To work with staff to identify and apply for a range of funding grants and opportunities. To provide content for a range of social media.


Kate Bell – Volunteer & Training Co-ordinator

Kate helps identify where and how volunteers can support the running of the Hub and what support volunteers need. She manages the day to day running of the volunteering scheme and develops it in line with the Hub’s vision and aims. This also involves working with other, local volunteering organisations and developing new relationships out in the community.

Danny Carr – Building Supervisor

Danny supervises and monitors the Hub building, liaising with Homes for Haringey contractors, doing minor repairs and ensuring Health and Safety. He often works with volunteers.

Leona Edwards, Janice Skinner and Brenda Nicholson – Café Managers

The café managers develop and oversee the running of the café including menu, ethos and look and feel. They order supplies, manage the work in the kitchen and ensure that food health and safety regulations are followed. They also train, support and empower volunteers in the kitchen and café.

Valerie – Finance Officer

Our finance officer is responsible for maintaining & managing our financial transactions and preparing our financial reports in collaboration with the Treasurer.

Carola Kornfeld – Activities & Community Co-ordinator

Carola develops the timetable of activities and events and ensures the activities cater for and are accessible to the local community. She manages bookings, supports teachers and facilitators and works in cooperation with other local organisations. She also updates the website.

Debra Watson – Office Admin & Fundraiser

Debra leads on Admin and Fundraising in the day-to-day business of The Hub. She leads on effective management of systems and IT and administers purchases, payments and day-to-day banking. Her role also entails developing a fundraising strategy and working closely with Board members and staff to raise funds.