Water fountain in the Rec – volunteer needed

Lordship Hub is looking for a volunteer to lead a short project to install a water fountain in Lordship Rec. 

A water fountain was requested by park users as part of feedback and suggestions which were gathered before the Covid pandemic. The Hub has already secured some funding to do the work, which will help reduce the community’s use of disposable plastic bottles. 

With the support and advice of the Hub board, the volunteer will coordinate the next steps. These will include liaising with Haringey Council, finalising cost estimates, identifying a contractor to do the work and fundraising if additional money is needed to complete the work. 

If you are interested in volunteering your time to this project or have any questions, email ruthkeeling@lordshiphub.org.uk. 

Alternatively, please make a donation to the Hub to fund this project and our other work.  

Lordship Hub is a community-run and not-for-profit cooperative that aims to provide services needed and wanted in the area. Find out more about us. 

There are lots of other volunteering opportunities at the Hub from working in our café to helping us run our free community events. Find out more on our volunteering page. 

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