Fundraising for a new Weather Station at the Hub

Clouds above Broadwater Farm Estate

In honour of local scientist Luke Howard, ‘Namer of Clouds’, we are setting up a Weather Station and applying for Lordship Rec, where sky views are wide and fantastic, to be named the first official Cloud Appreciation Park in the UK.

Luke Howard has the only blue plaque in Tottenham but few know of him and his pioneering work.

We aim to install Cloud Interpretation boards in the park and a Luke Howard Weather Station at Lordship Hub, and we will be commemorating the 250th anniversary of his birth with special events in the Rec.

Luke Howard spent much of his life in Tottenham, taking daily scientific recordings of temperatures, humidity etc.

Now, in an era of climate change, it is more important than ever to understand our climate and try to reduce and reverse the human causes of extreme climate events.

The Luke Howard Weather Station will enable the continuation of his enthusiasm and the Interpretation Boards will help everyone to appreciate our clouds and skies.

The weekend of events will include fun activities for children, special speakers, workshops on climate change, a special photographic exhibition on the theme of clouds and weather, and the launch of the Weather Station and new solar panels on the Lordship Hub.

To enable this to happen we are appealing for donations. Money raised will go towards the costs of two illustrated interpretation boards placed in great cloud viewing vantage points in the Rec [£3k], the weather station and public digital display at Lordship Hub [£3.5k already raised] for use by local school children and associated resources and a variety of activities over the year [£2.5k], and the special commemorative weekend in the Rec, November 26-27th [£1k].

Please visit our gofundme page if you wish to donate to help make it all happen.

Thank you for any support you can give!

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