Parkrun is coming to Lordship Rec

Parkrun organises 5k runs in parks all over the world which take place at 9am on Saturday mornings and local residents have been working hard to bring this event to Lordship Rec.

The event has the support of the Friends of Lordship Rec, and Haringey Council have agreed to the hosting of the event and to fund the start up costs.

Volunteers are asked to come forward as soon as possible to be trained up for the start date which is likely to be in July this year.

Please contact event director Daniel Jones if you’re interested in volunteering. No previous experience is necessary.

3 Comments on “Parkrun is coming to Lordship Rec”

  1. To Event Director/Daniel Jones,

    Saw the advert for `Volunteers`, for Park Run event. I am interested to be one of the volunteers. Please get in touch. Good idea.


    • Thanks. Have emailed you. There is a volunteer meeting happening Saturdaz 2nd July 12.30 to 2pm at the Hub. Hopefully see you there.

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