Shape the Hub’s objectives for 2023

On Saturday 22nd May, Hub cooperative members will be discussing the Hub’s objectives for 2023.

The Hub’s board has drafted objectives and key results which focus on three themes and members will be asked for their views at the Hub cooperative’s annual general meeting.

The three objectives are:

  • Make the Hub a great place to work
  • Achieve financial sustainability
  • Be a force for good in the local community

These three objectives have been selected because we need to

  • improve support for staff after several gruelling years of coping with COVID so that we improve staff wellbeing and staff retention rates
  • ensure we have sufficient funding and income to play an even bigger role in supporting the local community
  • continue to deliver on our core objective of being a force for good in the local community

The Hub’s board has also drafted some key results which will be used to measure whether we are achieving our 3 objectives.

We want to hear from all Hub cooperative members and all Hub users about whether these objectives are key results are the right ones for 2023.

Read the draft objectives and key results and let us know what you think in the comments box below or by emailing

If you want to becoming a member of the Hub cooperative so that you can attend and vote at our annual general meeting on Saturday 22nd April, you can sign up online.

The agenda for the annual general meeting includes looking back at the year just gone, including a chair’s report for 2022/23 and looking ahead to 2023/24.

The Hub is a a community-run Co-operative that provides services which are needed and wanted in the area. Find out more about our ethos and how we came into being.

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