We always need more volunteers to help with all aspects of running our organisation especially in our Cafe.

Volunteering can be a 3-4 hour stint once a week or more often if you can. We ideally need at least 4 people in the cafe on busier days, especially at weekends, so the more volunteers we have, the better! If you feel you would like to join our volunteer team then email Kate at kate@lordshiphub.org.uk or ring her on 020 8885 5684 (Tuesday to Thursday 10-3pm) to arrange to talk about what you wish to do.

If you know you want to volunteer then use the form at the bottom of the page to tell us when you can help out and any other skills you can offer.

Read comments from a variety of our volunteers below.

Download information about being a volunteer in the cafe: Cafe Volunteers Aug 16

Being a Hub volunteer

Louis: cafe

“I was having a coffee when the Hub first opened and saw a pile of dishes and asked if they needed help. That’s how my volunteering in the Hub started. Since then I’ve come to love and appreciate the people who have dedicated their time and effort to making the Hub not only a community based, multi-cultural, best food in town, safest park for our children, but also a place for the whole family including grandparents. I look forward to continuing and helping others who follow in our footsteps. Please sign up, as it is a great experience.”

Christine: cafe

“Hello, I’ve been volunteering in the Hub Cafe for a couple of months and I really enjoy it. I spent most of my working life as a secondary school teacher and so working in the café is something completely different. Although I’ve done plenty of cooking in my time, I’m now preparing food on a much larger scale. It’s hard work, but it’s satisfying and fun. And my co-workers are really pleasant, calm and helpful. It’s a lovely environment too, right in the middle of Lordship Rec. I only do one morning per week but I definitely look forward to my Tuesday mornings at the Hub.”

Asher: website and finance

“I volunteer somewhat behind the scenes at the Hub. Most of what I do is sitting on my sofa, at home, late at night, just as I’m writing this. I run the website, help with book-keeping and organise meetings.

I love volunteering for the Hub because I can see a real difference that my contribution is making to the community. When I’m in the Hub and I hear people saying positive things about it or see them enjoying it, it gives me a great sense of pride in what our community has managed to create.

Through volunteering at the Hub I also know far more people, from a wider range of backgrounds, than I would just as a resident. Being able to say hi to all the people I know as I go about my day makes me feel much more part of Tottenham than anywhere else I’ve ever lived. My role with the Hub is central to that.”

Karamjit: cafe

My volunteering experience at the The Hub Café: Since me being working at the The Hub Café from May or June 2015 to this present day, the experience I had from working at the The Hub Café has been (& still continues to be) a ‘Life-saving’ but at the same time remarkable experience, indeed especially during this entire financial, global worldwide Crisis in which millions of people are still struggling to deal or cope with.

Without the The Hub Café being built, my life would have being well & truly be going downhill indeed. But in reality, this was not the case, as the The Hub Café was built & opened up at the right time, which meant I can actually see a bright light shining on the other end of the very dark tunnel when it comes to finding ways of how to move on from one thing to another in life all because of how one simple problem had created & left behind major damages for other people to suffer from.

Why did I volunteer at The Hub Café:
A) To help me to try & control the stability of my current health situation.
B) To continue the skills I gained at my former workplace

Alyson: personnel and management

“Hello, I have been involved with the Hub since an emergency meeting of the Friends of Lordship Rec decided that it was necessary for us to step up convince the Council that we could run the building and community organisation ourselves. Having recently retired, I had the time to attend frequent meetings, and work with new friends with a great range of skills and experience. It was daunting but energizing to be able to discuss and create plans to make it happen, as a contrast to my conventional job in which I had no influence.

We opened the cafe the first year by buying snacks and fruit and making tea and coffee for summer events to celebrate the anniversary of the Model Traffic Area, the WW2 shelter memorial, and the Flower and Produce show. I had to do a lot of the shopping as I have a car, whereas many of our local community get around by bike! I’m not a natural at catering, so when I help in the cafe it’s to wash up, clear tables, and make sure the area looks tidy and welcoming. It also helps the people who are preparing food that I’m cleaning pans and utensils for them to carry on. My reward is a cup of tea and ‘tastes’ of the food they are making!

I also take part in groups looking after the wildlife and woodland areas of the Rec, and in artistic activities, and I help promote all the events by talking to my friends and neighbours about what’s happening at the Hub.”

Danyal: cafe

(Danyal comes in with his support worker Yvonne, who helped him write this piece)

“I work as a volunteer at The Hub Café, in Tottenham, 2-Days a week. I enjoy:

  • Washing and Drying up of all cooking equipment used during my shift
  • Making and Baking of Cakes, Breads and the preparation of ingredients for the salad
  • The bagging up and distribution of duck food, and the getting out and packing away of all items used for this task
  • Clearing the tables and speaking to the adults and children who come into the café

I have learnt how to follow the health and safety rules within the kitchen and throughout the rest of the building.

I am also learning how to work on my own more and look forward to my work here on Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons”

Susan: cafe

Hi, I have been working at the hub only for a short time and I have really enjoyed it and have been amazed by the dedication, professionalism and work ethic of the other volunteers. Evidentially, it’s a great to place to work as some of the volunteers have been there for a long time and I hope to be one of the mainstays going forward.

I work in a corporate environment Monday to Friday and it’s very refreshing working at the Hub on the weekend. It’s great getting to know the other volunteers, meeting people in the community, all whilst giving something back. I get a real sense of satisfaction after each shift and I have to say this is helped by the positive feedback given by Brenda.

I think that the service provided (certainly on a Sunday) is so good that if you asked the customers, very few would realise most of the staff are volunteers, but I’m sure you already know that.

I have been fortunate enough to work beside Brenda on my shifts and I think she is great example of what the hub is all about. I understand that she started out as a volunteer and clearly the hub has a great talent management strategy as she is now one of the Cafe Managers and what a great job she does! Brenda is always very positive, is great with the customers (who can be difficult) and she manages all the different personalities in the kitchen very effectively to ensure that the cafe runs smoothly.

Patricia: cafe

Hi, I’ve been volunteering only for a short time at the cafè. Everybody has been warm and friendly. I have experienced some health problems so I had to stop for a while but, the hub and the park is a lovely place and it is important to me and to the community so I have been happy to contribute even if only in a small way. I am looking forward to coming back to the hub.

Sue: promotion and events

I volunteer because The Hub is a beautiful place to be and be part of. It truly serves and accesses the local community. I’ve helped distribute publicity for the Hub, organised Murder Mystery nights as fundraisers and helped organise the Jazz fest so far. I want to see the Hub succeed. Now my children are at secondary school and school “Piss-you-off A s”(PSAs) are a thing of the past I’d like to be involved with my local community. Also Glynis and I share the same sense of humour so even though she wouldn’t let me skive off home at the beginning of the Jazzfest I like working with her. Lots of really nice people give up their time for the Hub. It’s Great!

Valerie: fundraising

Hi, I am a retired Fundraising Director and consultant. I have volunteered at the Hub, acting mainly as an advisor, for about 2 years. The Hub is local to me and I am thrilled to be able to spend time and offer my skills in such a generous and vibrant organisation. I have had the privilege of seeing the Hub evolve, becoming busier and busier with an increasing range of activities and services on offer. The recent RiverFest, one of a series of events in the park centred on and organised by the Hub, was highly successful and greatly enjoyed by all. Most of all I would like to commend the paid staff and the committee members I meet day to day. I have made friends and have felt valued and lastly but not least I have had a lot of fun.

Claire: promotion and social media

I have been volunteering at the Hub for the past year now, assisting in the office with the promotion and advertising of the many events and activities that are run in the Hub’s community rooms. It is interesting to see the range of activities that are available for all facets of the community. Cafe volunteers are amazing as they provide a fantastic service for people who want to gather and chat in the Hub cafe, any day of the week all year round! I am not sure if people fully appreciate how impressive this is! I love seeing how the Hub is being utilised more and more as a venue and it was really lovely to see so many people gather on a hot Sunday in early June for the Jazzfest, to kick back and hear great music while being served wine and beer and have the venue available till almost 9 pm! People are really relaxed and easygoing and easy to work with. Everyone is respected.

I’d like to volunteer