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1st May 2020

Welcome to the the ‘Hub Huddle’, and hope you are keeping safe and well

This week, a member of the Friends of Lordship Rec and keen amateur bird watcher takes us on a bird walk through Lordship Rec woodland, following the lovely Wildlife Walk round the rec, taking in all the places where wildlife habitats are. (see below)

Over the last week the wonderful array of trees in the Rec have been coming into full leaf.  The greens are stunning, but its now harder to spot the birds that are singing out to attract mates and defend territories.   Many pairs of Robins, Blackbirds, Wrens, Great Tits and Blue Tits are resident in the Rec all year around and breed here, and its hard to miss their full-voice singing if you walk through and around the Rec’s wooded areas.    In the last couple of weeks summer visitors have joined the residents, including the ChiffChaff.   The bird may be hard to see but you can tune in to their song which, as the name suggests, is a repetition of two notes in an irregular, sing-song pattern:   chiff-chaff. chiff-chaff chiff-chaff ……  Some Chiffchaffs overwinter in the UK but most overwinter in the Mediterranean or even Africa, so they may have come all that way to the Rec.

Also, in the beautiful hawthorn hedges around the rec you will not miss the sound of all the sparrows who love to hide in there where they feel safe.

A Wildlife walk around the Rec produced by the Friends of Lordship Rec
On the lake
We were lucky to have 3 pairs of Tufted Ducks joining the more common Mallard ducks on the lake last week. They stayed around for a couple of weeks, but they seem to have moved on now probably to somewhere more secluded. Tufted Ducks have occasionally been seen on the Lake before but haven’t stayed as long as this.  The  male is black with white flanks and a long tuft at the back of the head, hence the name, whilst the female is entirely chocolate-brown.   Will they stick around or have to find somewhere more secluded to breed?

See if you can recognise the birdsong

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Survey of Rec wildlife done by Friends of Lordship Rec

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2 thoughts on “The Hub Huddle: The Birds in the Trees

  1. Hello I wonder if anyone has noticed that during the corona virus epidemic the birds in the pond are being fed a lot more than usual by visitors to the park?
    Also the food is mostly bread I’m sure this cannot be a good circumstance for the wildlife there
    Any advice on ways to help? I have emailed the RSPB
    Thankyou H Hudson local resident

    1. Yes, I have put notices up around the lake and now the hub is open again people can buy proper duck food

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