SA62-Home exhition

SA62-Home: new exhibition

We are delighted to be hosting a new exhibition by artist Wendy Charlton that focusses on Broadwater Farm and its proposed redevelopment.

The exhibition will be on from 23rd July to 12th August.

A private view (at which all are welcome) will be held on the 28th from 6pm-9pm.

To see some of the work that is on display including some stunning photos of Broadwater Farm, visit Wendy’s website:


Images courtesy of Wendy Charlton.

1 thought on “SA62-Home: new exhibition

  1. Hi Wendy,
    I popped into your exhib at the Hub this afternoon and really liked it ! It was the perfect setting for your works. I particularly liked the large scale mixed media piece of the estate which was being demolished. It was both sensitive and dramatic at the same time. I liked the use of the muslin integrated into the artwork. The interviews in the books were very touching, and I also liked the photographic research of the different textures. I hope your Art Course at Goldsmiths goes well, and I look forward to see your future work and exhibs.
    I’m still getting used to navigating around the Pinterest website, and am starting to get used to it. I really like the layout of it – it was a good idea of Michelle to use Pinterest.
    Well done for putting for the great work !

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