Website Manager, Treasurer and Secretary required

I’ve been involved in Lordship Hub Co-op since its conception, but in August my family and I are off to Malawi for a few years. I fill a number of roles at the Hub and love doing them, but obviously I won’t be able to continue much longer.

We’re splitting up these tasks, some will be taken on by the staff, some by an external accountancy firm, but others need to be done by Co-op members and supporters stepping up.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in taking on any of these roles, please do get in touch with me on 07989 497 491 or [email protected] to talk through what is entailed, or to just claim the job.

The roles


It is essential that the Co-op has a Treasurer, it is a legal requirement.


Your role will be to monitor the Hub’s finances and report these to the Board and the Members. Hub staff and the accountant will do the day-to-day book-keeping, payroll, etc. but you will need to help develop financial polices and check that they are being adhered to. You will help staff and the Board to make financial decisions and check that financial returns (VAT, annual accounts) are filed on time.


You need to have a good head for figures and an ability to explain them to others. Confidence with Excel and accounting software is essential. Someone with professional experience of finance and accounting would be ideal, e.g. an accountant, CFO, etc.


You will need to attend Board Meetings once a month (although the frequency may be decreased). You’ll need to spend a few hours each month preparing a report for the Board. Ad hoc advice to staff on finance – unlikely to be more than a couple of hours per month.


It is essential that the Co-op has a Secretary, it is a legal requirement.


Your job will be to keep the Hub’s records. There are essentially three things to maintain: meeting minutes, Members database, Directors database. You will take the minutes at Board Meetings and General Meetings. You will email out share certificates. You will ensure that annual returns are filed with the FCA, our regulator.


You will be organised and confident at note-taking. Confidence to maintain a list of members in Excel would be advantageous. I save myself time by taking minutes directly on the computer so they can be emailed out directly after meetings, so an ability to take notes in this way is not essential but may save you time. It might suite someone who is already a company secretary, a clerk or works in the law.

Time commitment

You will need to attend Board Meetings once a month (although the frequency may be decreased). After each meeting you’ll need to send out draft minutes to the Board.

There are normally just a couple of new Members per month, so maintaining this list (and the Directors list) takes very little time.

The annual return is straightforward, it is transposing simple information from the accounts, list of Directors and the previous year’s report.

Website Manager


The website and e-newsletter are two of our key marketing tools. We need to keep them up to date and make them fresh and interesting to our members and users. The website is built in WordPress and our mailing list is in MailPoet. Your job would be to update the website with information provided by staff. You would write and send out the newsletter each week. There is scope for significant improvement in both the website and newsletter in design, functionality and content.


You need to be comfortable using WordPress and able to write in a way that encourages people to use the Hub and support it.

Someone who maintains other websites professionally would be ideal.

Time commitment

The regular commitment is updating the weekly timetable and sending out the newsletter each week. Often this can involve writing an article for the website as well. There may be ad hoc requests to change things or add thing to the website.

On average this all takes about 3 hours per week, but these can be slotted in when you have time for them.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in taking on any of these roles, please do get in touch with me on 07989 497 491 or [email protected] to talk through what is entailed, or to just claim the job.

Love the Hub

DIY day at the Hub

The Hub we will be closed all day Monday 29th May including the toilets and cafe.

As we move into the Spring/Summer months and busier times of the year, we NEED to do a bit of a deep clean, de-clutter and repair, which means closing the Hub for a day (as we’re open 7 days a week and only shut at Christmas).

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this might cause and hope you can understand why we’re having to do this.

If you would like to help us on the day there is a list of jobs that we’ll be tackling, from scrubbing the toilets, to tightening the bolts on tables and chairs.

We would also appreciate anyone who might be able to take things to the dump or charity shops if there is anything.

Thanks for reading and again sorry for any inconvenience. The nearest toilets will be in Broadwater Farm Community Centre, near the skate park and Adventure Playground.

Last week’s members’ social was a lovely event. As well as sharing ideas on how to improve the Hub, we shared good food and got to know other members of our co-op.

We’d like to thank Issy for organising this and all the members who came along.

There’ll be another one in a few months; hope to see you all there.

Draft Accounts 2016

These are our draft accounts for our last financial year. They will be approved (hopefully) at this Sunday’s Board Meeting and Members’ Social Event.

I know doesn’t sound like the kind of thing to do at a social, but as a co-operative we have to balance getting our members involved in a fun way and taking a few minutes to make sure we meet our legal obligations.

It’s very important to us that the Hub is run in an open, co-operative way by the community, so please do have a look at these accounts and ask any question you have in the comments below or at the event on Sunday.

Download Final Draft Accounts 2015-2016

Please bear in mind that these accounts are for the year up to 31 October 2016, so the situation has moved on significantly. Our monthly financial reports are always on the website here: Meeting minutes and files

We’re Recruiting! Cafe Manager

Café Manager

Salary:  £10,219 (£24,045 full-time equivalent)

Hours:  17 hours per week (Mon 1pm-6pm, Wed 9am-12pm, Sunday 9am-6pm)

Location:  Tottenham, North London

Establishment:  Lordship Hub

Closing date:  Monday 8th May midday

Interview date: Wednesday 10th May

Trial shifts: Sunday 14th and Monday 15th

Start date: As soon as possible

Who we are and what we do

We’re “The Hub” – a successful community run cooperative in an attractive new building at the heart of a beautiful park, overlooking a lake.  Our café has been open just over a year and has become a popular venue, serving park users, the community, and participants in the many and varied activities that take place in the Hub building and in the park.  Its menu is all about fresh, wholesome, tasty, environmentally-friendly and affordable food.  We’re very much there for our people; dedicated to looking after and involving both staff and community in every aspect of the business.  As part of our team you’ll get real responsibility right from the start and a fantastic opportunity to contribute to helping your “Hub” grow from strength to strength.

As a community cooperative we run differently to a normal business. Our values are central to what we do. This means: we make decisions together, as a staff/volunteer team, and with our members; we pay a real living wage; we minimise our environmental impact.

Who we’re looking for

Café experience is very important to us – we want someone who’s a great cook, passionate about food and able to bring a creative touch to our menu and catering offer.  It’s also really important to us that you are passionate about people – both the people who you serve in our café and the volunteer community members in your team, who you’ll coach and develop.  You have a commitment to co-operative working and need to be interested in all aspects of running a business, with a sixth sense for profitability and affordability, great multi-tasking skills and the nous to make sound calls on business decisions.

Why it’s great to work at “The Hub”

  • You’ll get the opportunity to use your leadership skills and great ideas to make a real difference.
  • You’ll work with a friendly and committed team of co-managers with a mix of talents and skills so that you can share ideas and help each other.
  • You’ll enjoy a lively, friendly atmosphere in a beautiful park setting.
  • You’ll have the chance to develop your management skills.
  • You’ll have your voice heard – we have a flat structure with a free flow of ideas where everyone can have their say.
  • You can help develop the skills of volunteers and apprentices.

To succeed at “The Hub” you’ll need:

  • At least two years’ experience as a chef or cook in a café, restaurant or catering establishment.
  • A commitment to co-operative working and collaborative decision-making.
  • A commitment to the local community.
  • To be knowledgeable about fresh food – sourcing, preparing and cooking it, as well as serving it up in ways that delight our customers.
  • A strong instinct for the commercial side – always to be looking for ways to increase custom, drive sales and boost the business, whilst still maintaining the affordability and quality of our offer.
  • Natural leadership qualities, with excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to think fast.
  • Great communication skills and an affinity for working with a wide range of different kinds of people.
  • A willingness to try working in a different way, to take risks and not accept ‘business as usual’.

To apply

Please send your C.V. and a covering letter to:
[email protected]

Unfortunately our call for weekend volunteers a couple of weeks ago wasn’t successful.

If you think you might be able to do a 4 hour shift on a Saturday or a Sunday please email [email protected]

Thanks :)

Easter Activities for 8-12s

Lordship Sports and Arts Consortium are putting on a range of sporting and arty activities for young people over the Easter holidays.

All activities will be at the Hub or Broadwater Farm Community Centre. Each activity costs just £3.

Register 15 minutes prior to start at Hub or Broadwater Farm Community Centre.

Download our full April timetable: Whats on April 2017

Click the session name to get pricing, booking and other information.

Monday 3rd April

14.00-15.00: Yoga (8-12 years) – at the Hub
15.00-16.30: Poetry workshop (8-12 years) – at the Hub

Tuesday 4th April

14.00-15.00: Street Dance (8-12 years) – at the Hub

Thursday 6th April

14.00-15.30: Arts & Crafts (8-12 years) – at The Hub
14.00-15.30: Football (8-12 years) – at Broadwater Farm Community Centre

Friday 7th April

14.00-15.00: Basketball (8-12 years) – at Broadwater Farm Community Centre

Monday 10th April

14.00-15.00: Boxing taster session (8-12 years) – at Broadwater Farm Community Centre
15.00-16.30: Yoga (8-12 years) – at the Hub

Tuesday 11th April

10.00-12.30: BMX (8-12 years) – at Broadwater Farm Community Centre
13.30-15.00: BMX (8-12 years) – at Broadwater Farm Community Centre
15.00-16.30: Street Dance (8-12 years) – at the Hub

Thursday 13th April

14.00-15.00: Arts & Crafts (8-12 years) – at The Hub
15.00-16.30: Football (8-12 years) – at Broadwater Farm Community Centre

For more information on Easter Holiday Activities email: [email protected]

Weekend Cafe volunteers needed

With the warmer weather we’re busier than ever in the cafe on weekends. We really need some additional volunteers to help out.

It’s a great way to meet people from across our community and support the Hub. You’ll be fully supported by our staff team. You can be taught how to use the coffee machine, till and other kitchen equipment.

To read more about what people get out of volunteering at the Hub, have a look here: Volunteering at the Hub

Shifts are usually 4 hours, if you have some time to spare on Saturdays or Sundays, please get in touch with Carola. Either ring 020 8885 5684 or email [email protected].

Thank you!