Meeting minutes and files

Latest draft Accounts to be agreed at AGM 13th June

Lordship Hub AGM minutes 13th June 2020

LREH 2019 final accounts

Below are links to the most up to date versions of the minutes and supporting materials from our meetings.

We have monthly Board meetings on the second Sunday of each month from 10.30am until 12.30am. During Covid emergency we have been having more regular, sometimes weekly meetings

We also hold Members Meetings and Users Meet-ups or a General Meetings .

All meetings are open to all members and the public and all members are encouraged to come to all meetings.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) happens once a year, as the name would suggest.

Board meeting files

Hub Board Minutes 14th May 2020
Hub Board Minutes 11.06.20
Hub Board mins, 21st May 2020
Hub Board mins 30.4.2020
Hub Board Mins 20.08. 2020
Hub Board Mins 4.9.2020
Hub Board mins 1.7.2020
Hub Board Mins 28. 08.2020
Hub AGM 13.O6.20 mins
Hub Board mins 22.3.2020 incl 19.03 and 20.03 mtgs

General meeting files >>>

Annual General Meeting (AGM) files >>>

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