How you can join and support

Who we are

The Lordship Hub Co-op is a social enterprise which was set up in October 2013 to run a cafe and community centre in Lordship Recreation Ground. Our aims are for Lordship Hub to be community-owned and a sustainable social space for local people to benefit from and enjoy.

The Lordship Hub Co-op has a volunteer Board of Directors that was elected at its first Annual General Meeting in January 2014. Board meetings generally take place on a monthly basis in the Hub, Sundays, and are open to all. Look at Whats On for dates.

What we do

Lordship Hub Co-op employs  paid members of staff to run the building in partnership with local volunteers.  Highlights of the building include:

  • A  cafe providing hot and cold drinks and nutritious food at reasonable prices
  • A range of rooms for hire for events, community activities and meetings
  • A well-maintained public toilet facility for park users
  • A home for the various Lordship Rec user groups and their activities

Why the Co-op needs you

Lordship Hub Co-op needs an active, vibrant and diverse membership to achieve its vision for the Lordship Hub, Lordship Rec and the community in general. We believe that Lordship Hub is an opportunity to harness the positive energy and enthusiasm in the local community, and fully realise the potential of Lordship Rec.

So we need your support – be it time, money, or energy (or all three…) to turn the Hub into a vibrant and welcoming  community space.

Other ways to get involved

  • Become a member of the Co-op and then you can vote on issues re the future of the Hub.
  • Donate to help the Co-op be sustainable:
    • £50 will help to buy better café equipment.
    • £100 will support our work with volunteers and groups.
    • £500 will help us promote the hub with leaflets, posters and banners.
    • £1000 will help us improve the fabric of the building and make it more accessible.
    • Come along to one of our general meetings to find out more about the Co-op and Lordship Hub, details of the next meeting are on

Our values

Lordship Hub Co-op has the following core values:

  • Being inclusive – we are stronger and can achieve more positive change for the local area by involving more people, embracing diversity and valuing difference
  • Protecting our local environment –  being responsible about our impact on the environment and actively promoting environmental sustainability
  • Respecting co-operative principles e.g. democratic and equal participation all members have an equal say in decisions (one member: one vote), and membership is open to all without discrimination
  • Promoting community empowerment – enriching the lives of the community through access to information and education,  ownership of a shared resource and opportunities for social interaction

For more information on all of the above email or ring the office to make an appointment to talk with someone (020 8885 5684) .

2 thoughts on “How you can join and support

  1. Hello,

    I’m interested in putting on a community event and providing light treats using the cafe. Could you let me know if this is a possibility?


    1. It will definitely be a possibility once we’ve signed the lease. At the moment we are still waiting on Haringey Council on this.
      When were you thinking of having the event?

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