Ways to support the Hub

We need your support

– We are doing well but could be even better!

Hi all, we want to hear from all hub and park users about how you use the Hub, what you think of it and how we could improve. Please fill out our short survey here:

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Invest in your community: become a member of the Lordship Hub Co-op

The support the Hub has received so far is amazing, but there is so much more we want and need to do to upgrade the building and increase the activities on offer. Having a financial boost now means that we can really be the Hub of the community and become a sustainable community enterprise.

The first few years of any business are its riskiest period, by becoming a member of Lordship Hub Co-op,  or donating to the Hub, you are giving it a solid base and securing it for the future.

What will your support mean

Being a member or supporter of the Hub Co-op, you will know that every time you walk into this amazing building that you help make it what it is and that it’s yours in every sense. Being a supporter or member of  the Co-op will mean that you are helping the Hub to become the amazing community centre and café we all want it to be.

When you pay your membership fee or donate to the Hub, you are putting your money to good work. Your money will be creating a community asset; it will be training volunteers, providing quality space for hire, much needed family facilities, shelter from the rain, healthy food (and the occasional treat) plus entertaining and training adults and children, offering exercise and relaxation classes and promoting the park and all its volunteering opportunities.

As a member you will be able to have a say and a vote on all issues to do with Lordship Hub. All members get only one vote in any Hub decision making.

If you would like to become a member of the Lordship Hub Co-op, volunteer your support, get more involved or set up a standing order then contact: issy@lordshiphub.org.uk.