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Hub Co-op AGM this Sunday: Agenda and Papers

We hope all of you, both members and those interested in becoming members, are able to come to the Lordship Hub Co-operative’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) this Sunday, 29th January from 11.15am until 1pm(The time has been updated, it will start at 11.15, not 11.00)

The Co-op runs the Hub and the AGM is our big annual meeting where we report on everything that has happened this year and decide on plans for the coming years. We also elected a Board of volunteers to represent the Members and support the staff.


  1. Apologies
    1. Declarations of Interest
  2. Minutes of last AGM
  3. Chair’s introduction
  4. Reports from Board and staff members
    1. Finance – Asher
    2. Fundraising – Joan or a member of the fundraising group
    3. Membership – Asher
    4. Personnel – Alyson
    5. Publicity and Communication – Joan
    6. Lease – Dave
    7. Park and associated groups – Dave
    8. Youth involvement and community – Nefertiti
    9. Volunteering – Karen
    10. Building – Glynis
    11. Café and Hub activities – a staff member
  5. Questions and discussion
  6. Any other business (AOB)
  7. Date of next meeting (DONM)


Download short reports on most of the above issues here: Hub AGM reports 2017 all >>>