8 - Community

Hub AGM – join the Board

We will be having our co-operative Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday the 29th January 2017 from 11.15am to 1.00pm at the Hub.

In this meeting we review what we have achieved over the year, what the challenges have been and plan for the year ahead.

We also will elect a new Board. The Board’s job is to represent the interests of the Members by working with and overseeing the staff, ensuring that the Hub sticks to its community purpose and is sustainable. Being a Board member is a responsible position, but it need not be hugely time consuming. You need to commit to coming to meetings once a month, generally Sunday 9.30-11.30am and reading all the papers beforehand. Getting to know how the Hub works is an important part of the role.

Any Member of the co-op is eligible to stand for election. As a community co-op all of our members have something to offer the Hub and the Board. However we are especially looking for:

  • A Treasurer to oversee financial processes and planning
  • A Secretary to maintain the co-op’s membership
  • People with building management experience
  • People with cafe management experience

So that we can send out details of those standing please nominate yourself by the 7th of January, using the form below.