How does the staffing and management structure work?

We want to exemplify ethical, fair employment practice. To this end we have gone for a flat salary structure at a decent living wage. This is set at £11.50 per year; for someone working 40 hours a week this equate to £23,920 per year.

We will have long opening hours and we need to be open 7 days a week. We want all staff to be capable to cover all roles. That said we do not expect to find 4 people who can all create a menu,  recruit and motivate volunteers, run sessions for schools, manage the website, fix the drain and do the accounts equally as well as each other. We intend to recruit a team that complements each other and the volunteers that we have. It therefore makes sense ask the person with building maintenance skills to take the lead on managing the building; the chef to take the lead on the kitchen and menu; and so on. None of these jobs is more or less important than the others. Each staff member is a decision-maker, but will also need to co-operate, consult and collaborate with other staff members, this is the Management Team. They will make all of the day-to-day decisions about the running of the EcoHub.

The reason the arrows point upwards (in the management diagram in the business plan) is this is who people are accountable to. Ultimately everyone is accountable to the members/shareholders (these are one and the same) at an AGM they choose the overall strategy and they can choose to replace the Board.

The Board work more frequently with the staff, who are doing the day-to-day work. The Board can over-rule the staff. For example, if the staff said they wanted to start selling tobacco because they thought it would make money, the Board could forbid them from doing so.

This staff, board, shareholders structure is how all businesses with numerous shareholders and co-ops with many members operate. It is pretty tried and tested. It is not dissimilar to the structure in charities and schools with boards of trustees and governors. The boards do not make day-to-day decisions, but the staff are accountable to them and the boards can be sued for negligence.

This is explained in more detail in the Business Plan.

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