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About this event:

Created by Joan Curtis

Multi- Sensory, Fun Developmental Classes Walkers (3yrs)

Multi- Sensory, Fun, Developmental Classes  for toddlers – walkers

Toddlers – Walkers (3yrs)
Fridays 12.45-1.25pm 

These classes are so much fun and active, with great emphasis on cognitive and motor skills. Themes drawn from life experiences all each child to express their creativity and imagination. Activities support increased independence and emotional understanding, building the confidence and skills they need for later learning.

Sing, Sign, Dance, Language Development, Imagination Play, Speech Development, Learning, Stretching, Memory Games and more!

For more details and  pricing infomation contact:
Facebook:  @babycollegeNLH
Instagram: @babycollegeNLH
Twitter:   @babycollegeNLH



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