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About this event:

Created by Joan Curtis

Thula Mama

Thula Mama is an alternative singing group for parents and their babies. We sing simple songs from around the world in easy to grasp harmonies. Rounds, chants and lullabies.
No experience is necessary. Both the sound of a mother’s or father’s voice and the frequencies created by harmony singing are proven to be incredibly soothing for babies, starting from when they’re in the womb. The class has also proven to be a nourishing experience for new parents and a lovely chance to meet others at the same stage as you. This class is ideal for ‘bumps to twelve months’ or until your baby can still be held and fed. Please note these classes can fill up. We advise you turn up 10 minutes before the class is due to start. Open to all!

Every Monday 9.30-10.30pm or ring 07709438777 for more information about booking and pricing


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