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About this event:

Created by Joan Curtis

Hatha Yoga for all levels

60 minutes class to escape from the world and take care of yourself! We will stretch, gain stamina, relax and meditate!
£5 per class – block of 4, or drop in £7 . 1st class free. Every Saturday.

Join us to receive all of the benefits of Yoga on a physical and mental level. Every class includes: warm-up and stretching – mobilise and prepare mind and body for the practice. We will do Yoga asanas (postures), breathing techniques (pranayama), relaxation and meditation. If you struggle with balance, flexibility, anxiety, weight, stamina, mild depression, stress, back pain or you just want to realise the tension in the body and the mind – You are on the right place. I will be more than happy to help you to feel better with my Hatha Yoga class. All levels, sizes and ages are welcome!

For deeper satisfaction and best results please keep in mind:
Try to arrive 5 minutes before class,
Switch off your phone,
Let me know, before the practice if you have any health issues,
Come to Yoga on empty stomach, you can eat light snacks 30 min before the practice (a banana for example),
Find a mat and take a comfortable position,
Please participate at your own level. You’re welcome to rest on your mat any time,
Wear comfortable clothes.
The practice ends with a relaxation and a meditation. Please, respect the silence.
Take that 1 hour just for you and enjoy the practice!

Book your place: [email protected]           
Instagram: @yoga_gaby      Facebook: @hathayogagaby        WhatsApp: 07568583723

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