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About this event:

Created by Joan Curtis

Bodymind Space/Time

What happens when we make space to be with our bodies?

How can we practice different forms of perceiving?

What kinds of playful, strange, unexpected interactions might evolve from such practices?

Drawing from a range of fields including movement, art and embodied somatic practices, we will experiment with creative ways of relating to ourselves and one another. Sessions will take on different forms and respond to the group and mood each day.

The sessions will be led by me, Savannah. My background is in experimental art and I am currently training to become a Processwork facilitator. Processwork is a therapeutic paradigm with applications in many contexts, including one-to-one therapy, community dialogue, conflict resolution and social activism. I’m interested in exploring the multifaceted ways in which people can be supported to come together and listen to themselves and one another. The Bodymind Space/Time Sessions are a pilot project for bringing into dialogue these various fields and seeing how they might evolve through exchange and experimentation with other people.

Comfortable clothing and arriving 10 minutes early are recommended so that we can settle in to the space before beginning.

Drop-in for FREE. Tuesdays 1.45-2.45pm. No previous experience required. All levels of physical ability welcome.

For further information please contact Savannah




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