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Created by Joan Curtis

Yoga in Italiano

Yoga in Italiano. Lezioni di Kundalini Yoga in italiano per riscoprire Sè stessi ed affrontare la vita di tuti i giorni con serenità e consapevolezza. Ogni lezione prevede esercizio fisico, rilassamento e meditazione. Il Kundalini Yoga è una pratica adatta a tutte le persone e non richiede particolari doti fisiche.
“Posso dirti una cosa? C’è solo una cosa che dovresti sapere? Conquista te sesso.” Yogi Bhajan

Fancy practicing yoga whilst improving your Italian? Nostalgic about your last trip to Italy? Are you Italian and missing your language? Kundalini Yoga lessons in Italian to reconnect with yourself and face the stresses of everyday life. Every lesson provides physical exercises, relaxation and meditation. Kundalini Yoga is a practice suitable for everyone, no particular physical skills required.
May I tell you something? There is only one thing you should know. Conquer yourself” Yogi Bhajan.

Drop in £10 or book on website for £8.
See: yogainitaliano.co.uk   Starts 4th July

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