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About this event:

Created by Joan Curtis

EcoHub, Lordship Rec

Every day life in Palestine

2-7pm Sunday 14th August in the Hub. Talks, Films, Photography Exhibition of Daily Life in Palestine  by William Parry, Middle Eastern Food, Haringey Justice for Palestinians/Aizairian Bedhouin Womens Collective handicraft stall and other entertainments including Soufian Saihi, Oud player.

Event starts 2pm. Talk starts at 2.15pm and Films start around 4.30pm. Refreshments available

Films include short film SKATEPAL about a charity building skateparks in Palestine and a fantastic feature length documentary , SLINGSHOT HIP HOP about young Palestinians who use Hip Hop as a tool to overcome divisions imposed by the occupation and poverty

Come and join us for talk and discussion on everyday life in occupied Palestine from people who have been there as observers, human rights monitors and volunteers. Find out what opportunities there are for you to volunteer and support those under occupation.

Also enjoy some entertainments including a very moving feature length documentary called SLINGSHOT HIP HOP about young people in West Bank, Gaza and Israel who use HIP HOP as a tool to overcome divisions imposed by the occupation and poverty plus a short film, SKATEPAL about a project providing skateboarding lessons across West Bank.




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