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Love the Hub

Open meeting report

On Tuesday 20th August around 20 people took part in a special meeting to discuss how the Lordship Rec Hub can better support the community, and the community can better support the Hub.

As an introduction it was explained that, after five years of successful operation of this community facility, a new era for the Hub was dawning since the signing in March of a 25-year lease.

There followed a highly focussed and constructive discussion in which concerns were aired, questions asked, praise was articulated, and ideas floated. For example:

  • ensure private parties don’t get too noisy, and cars dont park in the Rec (unless authorised to drop off things for an event)
  •  a call for people to come forward to organise a wider range of activities, eg with environmental themes, or after-school clubs etc
  • publicise the Hub and its activities widely

Then we discussed how people can help the Hub. For example:

  • sign up for the weekly email updates and forward to friends etc, and join in our facebook page
  • become a member of the co-op and get actively involved in the decision-making
  • become a volunteer and contribute time and skills to the various parts of the operation (eg work in the cafe, help fundraise, distribute the monthly programme flyers, help organise events etc.).

For more info, please come and browse the Hub’s info table, drop by the office to speak to staff and activists there, or check our website.

Open meeting: Tuesday 20th August, 7pm @ Lordship Hub

To all Lordship Rec park users, Lordship Hub customers and supporters.

This is an invitation to come along and meet with those of us involved in running the Lordship Rec Hub community centre/cafe in the park on Tuesday, 20th August, from 19.00-21.00. We would like to discuss with you how we can work together and support each other, how we can address any concerns, issues or questions you may have, and how local people can get involved in the Hub and park.

The Hub Co-operative’s members, volunteers, staff and supporters have worked hard together over the last 5 years to provide the best community-run services we can for park users and the surrounding communities. Many of us are also members of the Friends of Lordship Rec who have been instrumental in the park’s regeneration over the last 20 years from the featureless, neglected and abandoned space it once was.

We all live locally and are pleased that Lordship Rec has been transformed into a great park with a wide range of facilities and activities serving all ages, sections of our communities and their varying interests. It’s been a long and highly-challenging journey, and after 5 years of negotiations between the Hub and the Council we finally secured a 25-year lease earlier this year.

This is a new stage for us and there are many financial and organisational issues we in the Hub are now grappling with. There are also long-term questions over the Council’s future resourcing for the proper maintenance and management of all Haringey public green spaces, and hence the need to continue to strengthen community involvement in our parks.

Recently we have had some concerns expressed over a handful of Hub weekend functions organised by private hirers. We of course welcome and rely financially on a wide range of classes, activities and functions here, almost all organised by local people. As the Hub becomes more popular as a destination and venue, we want to ensure that we maintain our record of appropriate and well-run activities.

We have a strong set of hire terms and conditions that all must comply with, and we take seriously any breach of those – including taking sanctions against any who refuse to comply. We are making steps to review these terms and conditions, and to improve our monitoring and enforcement, and are happy to discuss this and any other issues.

We are not complacent and want to improve. We are all doing our best and learning as we go along. As a not-for-profit social enterprise run co-operatively by local people for the benefit of park users and our local communities we welcome constructive feedback and active involvement.

We also take this opportunity to invite you to come and use and enjoy the facilities, and to become a member or volunteer to help make the Hub and park the success they need to be!

Best wishes

The Hub Board

Lordship Hub Co-operative Annual General Meeting and Open Day

Saturday 23rd March, 11am-3.30pm (AGM at 2pm)

Invitation to all users of the Hub.

We’d love you to attend our Open Day. Anyone wishing to attend the Hub AGM at 2pm but not yet a member of the Hub Co-operative will be able to join beforehand at the Hub stall on the day – life membership is £1!

From 11am, there will be stalls to browse and free taster sessions laid on by some of the fantastic regular classes and activities based here eg family singing, hula hoops, yoga… there will also be street art graffiti boards for hire outside for creative young people over 8 years old to design – £7 each, noon to 4pm. And of course the cafe will be at your service as always!

At 2pm the Hub’s 2019 Annual General Meeting will start. Local people’s involvement in the Co-operative, whether as a member, user or volunteer, is crucial to the Hub’s continued success, and members’ views on how to improve things here will be very welcome. A summary of the Hub’s work over the last year is below. A full report will be available at the AGM.

Best wishes

Dave Morris – Chair, Lordship Rec Hub Co-operative

* * * *

Report from the Chair 2018/19

Another amazing year has zipped by, with the Hub busy serving the needs of park users and our local communities. Our presence has continued to grow, with more activities and events than ever before and use of our café, room hire and catering services increasing. Our profile, as a base for community initiative and empowerment, is spreading locally and across London. In fact our park is now getting national recognition – including features in the media and the Friends of Lordship Rec managing an important 2-year project to promote community empowerment in green spaces throughout the UK.

And all this despite very tight budgets. It might all look simple, but in fact there are always many challenges to grapple with as a community facility run by a co-operative of local people. A big thank you goes out to all our members, customers and users for their continued support throughout the year, and to our staff, volunteers and board members for all their hard work.

Looking forward we are pleased to announce that we have recently obtained a £53k grant to make internal improvements – to extend the kitchen and make it more efficient, create more storage in the rooms for hire, and build a new reception window into the office.

Tto crown it all we have just signed a new 25 year lease. This cements our excellent partnership with the very supportive Haringey Council and gives us the security we need to plan for the long term future of our building and park.

Great Open Day and AGM

Thanks to everyone who came along on Sunday for our Open Day and AGM. It was really positive with excellent suggestions made for how we could improve the Hub and a chance to share in some of the fantastic activities that are happening here.

The DRAFT minutes from the AGM are here: AGM draft minutes 2017-02-26

You can read (and comment on) all the reports here: 2016 Reports

In the future we aim to put on my informal, social events for members like this.

8 - Community

Hub Co-op AGM this Sunday: Agenda and Papers

We hope all of you, both members and those interested in becoming members, are able to come to the Lordship Hub Co-operative’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) this Sunday, 29th January from 11.15am until 1pm(The time has been updated, it will start at 11.15, not 11.00)

The Co-op runs the Hub and the AGM is our big annual meeting where we report on everything that has happened this year and decide on plans for the coming years. We also elected a Board of volunteers to represent the Members and support the staff.


  1. Apologies
    1. Declarations of Interest
  2. Minutes of last AGM
  3. Chair’s introduction
  4. Reports from Board and staff members
    1. Finance – Asher
    2. Fundraising – Joan or a member of the fundraising group
    3. Membership – Asher
    4. Personnel – Alyson
    5. Publicity and Communication – Joan
    6. Lease – Dave
    7. Park and associated groups – Dave
    8. Youth involvement and community – Nefertiti
    9. Volunteering – Karen
    10. Building – Glynis
    11. Café and Hub activities – a staff member
  5. Questions and discussion
  6. Any other business (AOB)
  7. Date of next meeting (DONM)


Download short reports on most of the above issues here: Hub AGM reports 2017 all >>>

8 - Community

Hub AGM – join the Board

We will be having our co-operative Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday the 29th January 2017 from 11.15am to 1.00pm at the Hub.

In this meeting we review what we have achieved over the year, what the challenges have been and plan for the year ahead.

We also will elect a new Board. The Board’s job is to represent the interests of the Members by working with and overseeing the staff, ensuring that the Hub sticks to its community purpose and is sustainable. Being a Board member is a responsible position, but it need not be hugely time consuming. You need to commit to coming to meetings once a month, generally Sunday 9.30-11.30am and reading all the papers beforehand. Getting to know how the Hub works is an important part of the role.

Any Member of the co-op is eligible to stand for election. As a community co-op all of our members have something to offer the Hub and the Board. However we are especially looking for:

  • A Treasurer to oversee financial processes and planning
  • A Secretary to maintain the co-op’s membership
  • People with building management experience
  • People with cafe management experience

So that we can send out details of those standing please nominate yourself by the 7th of January, using the form below.

Ideas for Hub fundraising – come share

As a community co-operative the Hub doesn’t make the same financial decisions as many businesses. We provide lots of services and support free or cheaply; we pay staff properly and buy ethically. This means to set up the Hub as we’d like that we need more funds that we can get through trading, at least in these early years.

We want to get even members and users involved in  securing the extra money we need. Come along next Sunday, 24th April, 11.30-12.30 to our informal Members’ and User’s Meetup and help us answer these questions:

  • What opportunities are we missing for funding/making money?
  • What practical steps should we be taking to secure our financial future?
The Hub being built by Straw Works. Photo credit: Anne Thorne Architects

Volunteer needed to help with building management

The Hub is a a very special building, not just what happens in it, but the way it is constructed, designed and cared for. The fantastic and unusual building was winning awards even before the Co-op started running it.

Like any well-used building maintenance and management of it is an on-going task. Glynis does an excellent job of this on a day-to-day basis but the Board of the Co-op doesn’t have someone who can support her at a more strategic level.

We are looking for a Member (or someone willing to become a Member) who has some knowledge of building management and can support the Board and Staff in this area. The idea is that you would help with planning, not day-to-day building management and maintenance. You would be someone Glynis can ask for advice and bounce ideas off and who can report on progress and difficulties to the Board.

If you have some relevant experience and are able to come to Board meetings once a month and meet with Glynis periodically (tea and coffee will be provided) please email or call 020 8885 5684 to find out more.

Why we’re a co-op and why we need you at the AGM

When a group of us realised that the Hub needed to be run by the community if it was really going to be for the community we decided that a co-operative would be the structure that really allowed this to happen. The strength of a co-operative is that it brings in new ideas, new expertise and new people: each of them having an equal role in its success and an equal say in how it runs. It is something that is genuinely owned by its members; people are literally invested in it, they don’t just donate to it or expect it to be there as a service.

As an organisation we are facing a number of challenges right now:

  • We are a new organisation and our trade is seasonal, so this winter our finances are very tight.
  • We pay all our staff a real living wage (£11.50ph) and give them stable working hours throughout the year, so opening longer is expensive.
  • Improvements need to be made to the building, but Council cuts mean we can’t complete the negotiations on the lease that would give us the stability to do this.
  • We recently had to register for and pay VAT which means prices need to go up, but we want to keep the café affordable.
  • We need to do more promotion but staff and volunteers are already over-stretched.

None of these challenges are insurmountable if we approach them as  community, drawing on all of our ideas, expertise and commitment. The strength of a co-operative is strength in numbers, in the range of people involved. If at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday the 31st January it’s just the same people who come to Board meetings each month and the same people who come to Members’ meetings every two months, then the questions we’ll ask and the answers we’ll come up with will be the same.

We want everyone and anyone who comes to the Hub for coffee, to feed the swans, to use the toilet, volunteer, work or just wants it to succeed to come along, ask questions, offer suggestions and get involved in coming up with solutions.

With all of us working together you know the Hub will thrive.