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At this week’s Board meeting, staff were saying how useful it was when members (and other users) do simple, little things when they notice it’s busy, like:

  • Clearing tables
  • Checking that all the toilets have loo rolls
  • Sweeping up

So a big thanks to all of you who’ve done that and keep it up!

Will you be part of the 1%?

Thanks to the great games night last week and all the other donations made over the last months, we’re now 99% of the way to having the funding we need for putting a roof on the veranda areas of the Hub.

We’ve raised £12,757 so far, which means we need less than £200 to hit the target and claim all the money.

We’ve already had over 123 people pledging; if everyone else reading this post gave £1 we’d reach the total tomorrow.pledge-now-spacehiveThanks to everyone for your support.

help holiday volunteers needed

Calling all students, teachers and TAs

We’re really short of volunteers in the Hub this summer, so if you have some time to give we need your help!

Many of our regular volunteers are away, so we are in a bit of a bind. Volunteering in the café is a great way to meet loads of local people and feel at the heart of your community.

If you are interested please e-mail: or just pop in Monday-Thursday between 9am and 3pm or give us a ring on 020 8885 5684.


Happy Birthday Lordship Hub Cake

What we want for our birthday …

This weekend the Lordship Hub Co-op will have been opening the Hub to the public for two whole years.

It’s been a fantastic (and tiring) experience, and made all the better from the support we have had from our all amazing community of volunteers, members, customers and staff.

Although we’ve grown hugely with more activities, more events, more volunteers, we’ve still got so much more we want to do. Some of this is held back by not being able to invest in the building as we’d like.

So if you want to give your Hub a birthday present please do pledge to Raise the Roof on SpaceHive, we just need another 20% to get us over the line.


When you’ve clicked those buttons, come on down to the Hub on Sunday to help us celebrate. There will be cake

Happy Birthday Lordship Hub Cake