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The Hub Huddle: The Birds in the Trees

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1st May 2020

Welcome to the the ‘Hub Huddle’, and hope you are keeping safe and well

This week, a member of the Friends of Lordship Rec and keen amateur bird watcher takes us on a bird walk through Lordship Rec woodland, following the lovely Wildlife Walk round the rec, taking in all the places where wildlife habitats are. (see below)

Over the last week the wonderful array of trees in the Rec have been coming into full leaf.  The greens are stunning, but its now harder to spot the birds that are singing out to attract mates and defend territories.   Many pairs of Robins, Blackbirds, Wrens, Great Tits and Blue Tits are resident in the Rec all year around and breed here, and its hard to miss their full-voice singing if you walk through and around the Rec’s wooded areas.    In the last couple of weeks summer visitors have joined the residents, including the ChiffChaff.   The bird may be hard to see but you can tune in to their song which, as the name suggests, is a repetition of two notes in an irregular, sing-song pattern:   chiff-chaff. chiff-chaff chiff-chaff ……  Some Chiffchaffs overwinter in the UK but most overwinter in the Mediterranean or even Africa, so they may have come all that way to the Rec.

Also, in the beautiful hawthorn hedges around the rec you will not miss the sound of all the sparrows who love to hide in there where they feel safe.

A Wildlife walk around the Rec produced by the Friends of Lordship Rec
On the lake
We were lucky to have 3 pairs of Tufted Ducks joining the more common Mallard ducks on the lake last week. They stayed around for a couple of weeks, but they seem to have moved on now probably to somewhere more secluded. Tufted Ducks have occasionally been seen on the Lake before but haven’t stayed as long as this.  The  male is black with white flanks and a long tuft at the back of the head, hence the name, whilst the female is entirely chocolate-brown.   Will they stick around or have to find somewhere more secluded to breed?

See if you can recognise the birdsong

Some Friends of Lordship Rec conservation contacts :
Friends of Lordship Rec: an open, public group which works to monitor, improve and develop the Rec through supporting volunteering and park activities. In ordinary times,  the Friends meet on 1st Sunday of every month at Lordship Hub:

Lordship Rec Wildlife Group: a group involved in caring for and surveying all things natural in the Rec and increasing biodiversity. In ordinary times the group meets at Lordship Hub at 12-1pm on 2nd Thursday of the month:
Woodland Group: hold regular work days to manage the Woodland near Downhills Park Road and welcome new volunteers:
Orchard Group: do regular work days and training to manage the Orchard and other Rec trees, organise celebrations of nature and welcome new volunteers:

All Lordship Rec groups and activities can be seen on

Survey of Rec wildlife done by Friends of Lordship Rec

How to get involved in helping or getting help in the community

River Moselle in Lordship Rec works starting

There will be lots of activity around the Moselle in the Rec on Tuesday 4th February when Ebsford contractors, supported by Haringey Trust for Conservation (TCV)  volunteers,  work on removing vegetation and blockages from the channel to help the River flow.   The faster the flow that can be achieved, the less silt is deposited.  Ebsford , who have been engaged for the next 3 years to assist with the maintenance of the channel will also be applying Siltex,  a natural product, which helps silt to break down.    To avoid the nesting season the next works are scheduled for September.   Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Haringey TCV,

Volunteers urgently needed

We urgently need volunteers to help us run the hub and provide a good service to our ever-increasing number of users. This is particularly important in the cafe, especially now it is good weather and the holidays will soon be upon us.
If you have 4 hours to spare once or twice a week, especially at weekends, then please contact or ring 020 8885 5684. You dont need any particular experience as you will be trainedand could learn new and useful skills. It can be hard work but it can also be fun.

Improvement Work on Lordship Hub

Grant from Power to Change for Hub building improvement works

We recently were successful in obtaining a grant to improve some areas of Lordship Hub. The works will take place between the last part of May and the beginning of June so there may be some closures of parts of the Hub while they are going on. We are trying organise the works to keep closures and class cancellations to the minimum so it is best to keep an eye on the what’s on page of our website regularly to see if there have been any changes to classes or if the cafe is closed.

We hope the improvements have a big impact on the functionality of the building and also on the look of the hiring rooms.

  • We are having bespoke storage areas put in both of the class/hiring rooms so that there will no longer be any clutter around in the rooms as there is now. Most things will be able to be neatly put away behind cupboard doors.
  • The kitchen units in both rooms will be upgraded
  • The storage area in the larger room will have mirrors on the outside so this will aid with classes and also make the room lighter and more attractive.
  • We are having the cafe serving and cooking area extended so that the space can be used more efficiently and easily. There will be much more space for preparation of food and storage.  The serving area will move up towards the door and be out of the way of the food preparation area. We hope this will streamline things.
  • We are having the concrete ramp onto the cafe terrace redone so it is more user friendly and attractive.
  • We will be putting a glass panel with sliding doors in the wall between the office and the foyer. This will display office opening hours on it and will enable people to speak to office staff more easily at these times. It will also make the office lighter and enable staff to see who is coming and going and add to security.

The Hub is having to provide some of our own funds as match funding for this grant so that is why we have 2 park users running the London Marathon for us on April 28th. You can see details about how you can sponsor them and support the Hub’s refurbishment on this website under Marathon Donations in the main menu. Thankyou

Consultation on old adventure play area in the Rec

Lordship Hub, 3.30pm on Sunday April 14th

Consultation on the future of the old wooden adventure playground site in Lordship Rec.
All welcome with your ideas and suggestions. The meeting is run by the Lordship Sports and Activities Consortium (LSAC) and Friends of Lordship Rec and is just the beginning of forming a plan for the area that suits as many people as possible. Funding will then have to be found to carry out the finally agreed and designed plan, so it is no quick solution. Please come along and be a part of it.

Marathon sponsorship needed to matchfund grant

We need to raise £6000 as match funding for a grant we have been awarded for much needed building improvements that will make the Hub a much more functional space. To raise this figure we have 2 people running the London Marathon for the Hub. On April 7th, we held a successful event to help raise awareness and  sponsorship. Despite unpleasant weather, lots of people took part in our marathon runners’ exercise session and enjoyed a sociable 5K sponsored walk round the Rec. We also provided a soft play area for toddlers which was a great hit. So far we have only raised under £2000 so please think about sponsoring our runners before April 28th, both to encourage them, and to support the Hub that receives no Council or external funding for our running costs which are substantial. Thankyou from all at the Hub..