Love the Hub

A very fond farewell

This time next week I will have just arrived at my new home in Malawi, which of course means that I won’t be at the Hub anymore. It will be one of the things I miss most about Tottenham. I have loved being part of establishing it and seeing the impact it has had in our community. The way it has brought people together has been fantastic and I never cease to be impressed by the huge love, effort and passion that so many people put into making it a success.

Making it a success is an ongoing struggle though and the Hub needs support from all of you reading this.  As yet we still do not have a Treasurer, so if you have any financial nous, or know anyone who does (they don’t have to be a Hub member) please do ask them to email me for more info:

I want to extend huge thanks to everyone I’ve worked with establishing the Hub, and to those who are taking over from me. Albertina is going to be the Secretary and Tom is going to be the Web Manager.

Tom’s holiday and my leaving the country unfortunately coincide, so this will very likely be the last newsletter of the Summer and Tom will start it up again in September.